Our Story

We founded Roadside Entertainment in 2004 with a simple goal.  Find great stories and bring them to life.  In the more than 10 years since we began, we've had the privilege of doing just that in documentaries and docuseries across the spectrum of sports, music, and comedy, for a variety of media partners. 

We seek out characters who through force of will or the dynamics of circumstance rise up and inspire us in extraordinary ways.  As filmmakers, we take nothing for granted and we try to bring creative storytelling, honesty, and integrity to everything we do. 

John & Ron

Who We Are

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John Hirsch

John Hirsch is an Emmy Award-winning producer and director who began his career in live sports production at FOX and ABC Sports.  John currently co-produces the ESPY awards on ESPN. His most recent work as a director includes the documentary, Making of the Superbowl Halftime Show featuring Katy Perry and Journey To The Oscars, a 20/20 Special on ABC.  Currently, he is producing Cicada 3301, a series exploring the mystery surrounding an internet puzzle.

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Ron Yassen

Ron Yassen is a multiple Emmy Award-Winning documentary producer and director who began his career at Classic Sports Network, which was acquired by ESPN. He has directed and produced more than 30 documentary films  including Roger Maris: Reluctant Hero, Kareem: Minority of One, and 50 Cent: Origin of Me, and docuseries Being Terry Kennedy, and Framed. He is currently directing Crossroads, a film about at-risk youth who find hope from an inspiring coach.